We know you might have a few questions for us, check out the list below for our answers, if your question is still not
answered, feel free to get in touch!

Yes, Betacraft is considered an essential service and is sending orders daily during level 4 lockdown

We have a dedicated team of people who can give you a hand, we know sometimes the website wont work like it should… there are three ways you can contact us:

1) Use the live chat function, if we aren’t online just leave you email address or ph number and we will be in touch ASAP!

2) Fill out the question form which you will find at the bottom of the home page

3) Pick up the phone – we would love to chat 0800 805 000

The answer is absolutely you can! We know sometimes things can be a bit on the small side or even too big, we are happy to exchange for a different size. Just make sure the garment is in its original condition. Also, if you get your order and its just simply not what you wanted, we will offer a full credit if its within 30 days!

We are sending out orders every day… any orders we receive before 3pm we will get it on the courier the same day! We send our parcels on Post Haste Couriers. They offer overnight service for North Island and a 2-Day service for South Island.

Just note, if you delivery address is rural, this will add 2-4 days to the standard delivery time.

Its a hard question to answer, but generally speaking our outerwear garments are more generous fitting, taking into account you will likely be wearing a few layers underneath!

Welllll, how long is a piece of string! Its a question we get asked a lot and there is no set answer. We cant say your jacket will last 24mths… there are too many variable factors that will change how long your jacket will last. It depends how often its worn and how its looked after. What we can say is if you look after your coat, hang it up to dry at night, don’t leave mud to dry on the fabric, get gear that is the right size for you – you’ll have the best chance of having a decent life out of your gear! We know sometimes things go wrong… that’s why we offer a free repair service and have 12mth+ warranties on our products! If you’re not sure – just give us a call 0800 805 000 and we’d be glad to help

The best option for washing is to hose it down while the mud/dirt is still wet… but lets say its left a bit late, we recommend hosing it down and scrubbing with a brush, get rid of the bulk of the mud. If it still needs more, give it a cool/gentle wash in the washing machine, but don’t put any detergent in. The reason for this is that the detergent can react with the adhesive bonding agent used to seal the seams and keep them waterproof – so just keep the detergent away!

No. no. no… just leave it somewhere warm to dry, the dryer is likely to damage the garment

We would love to help you out – feel free to contact us directly with your questions and we will answer ASAP! 0800 805 000 or Msg us via the live chat or fill out the contact form on the bottom of the home page