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Transformed Cuffs

Transformed Cuffs

When designing premium quality rainwear, listening to our customers is crucial, says Mark Beatson – Export Director at Betacraft. This comes down to understanding the issues and knowing how to remove the pain points.   We attached the neoprene cuff further up the sleeves on our ISO940 Jackets so that when your hand slides through, the cuff stays inside the sleeve rather than extending out. Sounds simple, but this technical fix needed a good understanding of fabrics and how they interact and move, so that it feels just right.

It’s not reinventing the wheel, it’s just minor tweaks here and there that can make all the difference. We’re constantly looking at ways to make things easier for our farmers. We reckon that the least number of adjustments that need to be done with the jacket once it’s on, the better.

Of course, there are no two hand and wrist sizes the same. That’s why having the neoprene cuffs which stretches and alows for just about any size, is just the answer.

We believe excellence is continuous improvement and simplicity.  You might say “it’s just a detail” and so it is. Try it out though and you will be amazed when comparing the two designs at just how much better the new and improved version looks and feels.  Making life easier and having you look smarter inspires us every day!

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